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ELISIR Recommended for all types of skins

50min – € 120,00
A delicate exfoliation with apricot scrub, before a fantastic brighting mask based on the powder “Polvere per Bianchire le carni di Officina Profumo – Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella”.Skin will be visibly purer, brighter and more moisturized.

IDRALIA Regenerating and moisturizing treatment

50min – € 120,00
Thanks to fresh and natural ingredients as honey, olive oil and beeswax, specially chosen for their moisturizing qualities. IDRALIA
Ritual is a wonderful treatment the dry skin, your skin will be deeply nourished, soft and regenerated. Really recommended for mature skins

NEIGE for sensitive and delicate skins

50min – € 120,00
Soft exfoliation with enzymatic scrub cleans skin, the draining massage and the rebalancing mask calm flushes, and moisturize delicate skins procuring a pleasant well-being feeling.

SALUBRIS Signature anti-ageing treatment

1h15min – € 160,00
Exclusive and personalized treatment, tones and regenerates facial, neck and hand skin. Totally natural serum synergies,
rich in vitamins, stimulate natural cell activities. Special mask and connective tissues massage make rejuvenated brighten and toned face. A nourishing massage for the hands with PASTA DI MANDORLE cream will complete this trip between fragrance and natural well-being

AVANT GARDE Intensive anti aging Rituales

1h20m € 160,00
Face, lips and décolleté ritual, an very original facial massage in an exceptional treatment techniques for instant visible results. With its two new professional masks and its unique resurfacing lotion, this treatment reaches the height of biotechnological performance and restores the skin’s youthfulness, softness and luminosity. The specific face massage completes the action of the products and heightens relaxation.

EYE PERFECTION radiance smoothing eye treatment

40m – € 90,00
An ultra-complete, efficient and relaxing treatment for beautiful eyes that sparkle with youth. Alone or incorporated into the facial treatment of your choice, this expert eye contour treatment combines targeted effectiveness and total relaxation.
It combines a revitalizing massage dedicated to the eye contour area with sensory products for immediate visible results. In
one treatment, the eye area is smoothed, revived and refreshed.

PURE anti-pollution skin freshness treatment

50m – € 110,00
A fresh breeze blows through the spa, depolluting the skin of citydwelling women with the effect of a vacation in the country side. The skin is intensely hydrated, signs of fatigue are erased, the complexion is more even and the skin regains its freshness.

ENERGY, Face Rituales just for men

1h10m – €  150,00
Designed exclusively for men’s skin-care needs, this deep cleansing facial uses products from Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella’s men’s range to cleanse, tone invigorate and purify the skin leaving it refreshed and relaxed.


LAVANDER, Puryfing

SCRUB 50m – € 120,00
Sea Salt and Tuscan Lavader combine with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to provide this skin softening, nourishing and conditioning body
treatment. As the Sea Salt gently removes dry and dead cells, the infused Olive Oil and Lavander help to retain a layer of natural
moisture on the skin to protect and prevent dehydration.

CYPRESS, Oxigenate

SCRUB 50m – € 120,00
This scrub uses Tuscan cypress nut to exfoliate and oxygenate the skin while eliminating impurities, followed by an application of Tuscan cypress oil to hydrate and nourish the skin. The restorative exfoliation leaves the skin perfectly smooth and hydrated.


SCRUB 50m – € 120,00
To renew and invigorate body’s skin, this treatment uses salt and Rosemary powder associated with olive oil. Sea salt promotes skin exfoliation and renewal, while olive oil and Rosemary infusion helps to nourish and to deeply renew it.

IRIS rebalancing

SCRUB 1h20m – € 180,00
Exfoliating massage with IREOS powder and iris oil. The result is a silky skin and a sensation of serenity. Tension is eliminated for your complete fulfillment.


SCRUB 1h20min – € 180,00
Scrub made with minced mint, sage and helichrysum leaves. It leaves skin purified, fresh and taut. Followed by a relaxing an moisturizing massage.

SCULPT ZONE Target treatment for abs-buttocks-thighs

MASSAGES 1h10m – € 140,00
An intensive localized treatment on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs to beat excess fat and cellulite in record time.
With either an express treatment or intensive program, you get radical slimming results for trimmer curves and reduced cellulite.

SHAPE YOUR BODY! perfect contour treatment

MASSAGES 1h10m – € 130,00
This innovative body treatment offers an integral beauty experience by combining three major esthetic actions in a single protocol: contouring, firmness and skin quality. After a smoothing multi-exfoliation, a reshaping and refining massage sculpts “dream contours” for perfectlooking skin.

BODY FIRMING anti-aging body wrap

MASSAGES 1h10m – € 140,00
A highly active gel wrap is applied and then massaged in order to firm the skin, tighten tissues and combat skin slackening.
A refreshing gel is generously applied to the whole body before it is wrapped to assist with the diffusion of marine ingredients.
A total body massage provides a pleasant, refreshing finale to this experience.

HOLISTIC drelaxing massage for face and body

MASSAGES 1h30m – € 140<,00/strong>
An ultra-relaxing treatment with its gentle warmth and fragrant scent of lavender flowers. A combination of light strokes, pressure and stretching, this very original body massage using Thai-inspired sea boluses eliminates tension knots one by one and restores balance to the body. Exfoliation using sea salt crystals and a radiance-boosting facial treatment restore all the skin’s natural luminosity and softness. The ultimate in letting go….

TUSCANY LAND detox body wrap

MASSAGES 50m – € 110,00
Wrapped in a soft composition based on Tuscan green clay, essential oils and aromatic vinegar, body receives an important stimulation to purify and regenerate. Skin is detoxified and moisturized.


SWEET CURVES IN TUSCANY remodeling body wrap

MASSAGES 50m – € 130,00
This treatment based on thermal peat full of oil and vegetable extract is particularly recommended in case of edematous cellulite. The combined effect of massage, peat, heat and essential oils helps reducing cellulite and promotes legs remodeling.


POMEGRANATE, Energizing bath

MASSAGES 50m – € 120,00
Indulge your senses with the divine, fruity aromas of a pomegranate bath and pomegranate oil massage while your skin reaps the benefits of this miracle fruit. This treatment firms and tightens the skin, enhancing its self-repairing action, restoring elasticity and fighting free radicals.


MASSAGES 50m – € 130,00
Candle Massage is new way for relaxing massage. Savour the warmth and the aroma as buttery drops of specialised candle oil are gently poured onto your body and massaged into the skin to induce deep relaxation. This unforgettable treatment is designed to reduce stress while boosting energy.


MASSAGES 50m – € 120,00
The feel-good effects of warm Baracchi olive oil, combined with Lavender oil, can help you face the day with an increased, positive sense of well-being. .The massage using Thai-inspired sea boluses eliminates tension knots one by one and restores balance to the body


MASSAGES 50m – € 120,00
Lymphatic drainageis a soft massage which encourages liquid and toxin evacuation and also recommended during a diet program. This massage makes you feel immediately well-being sensation.


MASSAGES 50m – € 130,00
This massage is reminiscent of the beauty within the Tuscan hills as the warm, rich fragrance of Baracchi wine envelops your senses. An oil blend of grape extracts improves circulation, leaving your skin revived, rejuvenated and glowing from head to toe.


MASSAGES 50m – € 120,00
Not just a body massage but a real experience for your senses. Relaxing skills associated with your own synergy choice, will create for you a real well-being and serene atmosphere. Synergies of the 4 Seasons are mixed with sweet almond oil to nourish
and moisturize skin.


Floral fragrance regenerates body and soul, relieves emotions and awakes your senses.


Citrus fruit fragrance strengthens body and mind, evacuating stress and tiredness


Spicy fragrance restores psychophysical equilibrium and harmony.



Fruit Fragrance relaxes body and mind to get a real well-being time



€ 35.00
Traditional hand treatment includes a soft scrub with the Iris powder.

MANICURE luxury ritual

€ 60.00
This luxury manicure is a complete experience for the hands. It begins with an exfoliation, which is followed by an emollient mineral hand soak. An anti-ageing serum is applied to improve skin tone, followed by a hand massage with a Pasta di Mandorle cream to protect and soften the skin. As a finishing touch, a polish application completes the hand experience.


€ 55.00
Traditional foot treatment includes a soft scrub and a foot bath based on salt with pomegranate extracts Santa Maria Novella.

PEDICURE luxury ritual

€ 85.00
Luxurious ritual for feet which includes an exfoliation, a warm pomegranate bath, and a massage with essential oils synergy from
your own choice. Foot cream Santa Maria Novella will make you feel an immediate relief.


FROM € 20.00 to € 70.00
A soft exfoliation and delicate rose vaporization calm and refresh skin to prepare it for depilation. Applying a moisturizing balm will complete treatment and make legs soft and smooth.

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