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Summer in Cortona: the ancient tradition of wheat beating

Summer in Cortona: the ancient tradition of wheat beating

Estate a Cortona: l'antica tradizione della battitura del grano

An ancient tradition, born in Roman times, the process of cutting and harvesting in the fields of ripe cereals. A practice carried forward for centuries and which still persists today.

With lots of festivals and celebrations included, auspicious rituals for the harvest and to honor the end of the work in the fields.

Discover our offers for your summer in Cortona, in the unique setting of Relais Il Falconiere:

The beating of wheat

In peasant society, at least in the 60s, wheat was a resource for the entire community: life itself was marked by the harvest of those three crops that represented the main sustenance throughout the year, wheat, grapes and olives.

Besides having an economic importance, these moments had above all a socio-cultural value of aggregation.

The harvesting and beating of wheat in particular were among the most significant phases. When they finally gathered a large part of the fruits deriving from the efforts of a whole season spent working the land and contributing lot of effort and sweat.

According to tradition, the work in the fields for the sowing of the wheat began towards the end of October with the plowing, while the actual sowing started in early November with the moon in your favour and never on Friday.

The sowing was done by hand, broadly: the farmer kept a bag of seeds over his shoulder and walking smoothly spread them with a large gesture of the arm.

It was then picked up at the end of June, always by hand with the sickle messoria, which has maintained over the millennia the same form: with one hand was held the hand of wheat stalks and with the sickle cut it to about 20 centimeters from the ground.

With the stalks the sheaves were created, which were then left to dry in the sun, piled up in many heaps in the shape of a “trullo” that would have been transported on the farmyard where the beating began, the expensive operation of separating the precious “beans” from the straw . It was a big job to do: the wheat was beaten by hand using two wooden clubs connected by a hemp rope about 60-70 cm long. The beater holding a club in his hand, rotated the other up, making it fall back violently on the grain placed on the ground in small piles.

At last we went to the conclusion: the wheat was ready to be received in the barns and nothing remained but to celebrate.

Songs and stornelli accompanied wine and food for a banquet on the farmyard smelling of good and cheerful, colorful and lively, just like the faces of those who had finally secured the food for the whole year.

Even in Cortona we celebrate the ancient tradition of wheat beating: we are waiting for you at the Locanda del Molino, on Thursday 2 August, with a dinner of good food, good wine and fun.

Plus, live music with Max Alivernini!


For reservations contact us immediately!

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📧 info@locandadelmolino.com

☎️ 0575 614016

Cortona Event: Starry Roads

Cortona Event: Starry Roads

Cortona Event: Starry Roads

Star chefs, suggestive atmospheres of marvelous historical residences, art, taste and engines: it is “Starry Roads”, the itinerant event created by Salotti del Gusto together with Alfa Romeo which unites the pleasures of the palate with the discovery of the territory’s excellence and unforgettable tasting experiences.

Now in its second edition, this extraordinary sensorial journey also offers a series of weekends for 2018 – from May to October – between 18th century villas, refined tastes and Alfa Romeo cars.

On the one hand, gourmet cuisine in the name of respect for the environment and excellent ingredients, on the other, the values of sustainability and Alfa Romeo engines to give participants a unique experience where there are emotions from the table to the test drive.

Along with food and wine, the other major protagonists of the event are the Alfa Romeo fleet cars: Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce, perfect balance of form and function, capable of giving pure driving pleasure without compromise. Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the first SUV in history capable of combining power, safety and the versatility of a traditional SUV with the emotions behind the wheel that only an Alfa Romeo can offer. Alfa Romeo 4C and 4C spider sporty essence is in Alfa Romeo DNA, breathtaking style and technical excellence aimed for maximum driving pleasure.

cortona eventi_strade stellate

Sarry Roads at Relais il Falconiere

Starry Roads” will arrive in Tuscany – just to Cortona at Relais il Falconiere on June 9th and 10th for a two-day “Taste and Drive”, which is entirely dedicated to beauty, excellence and quality of true Made in Italy.

After the welcome, the guests will leave on board with 10 Alfa Romeo to discover Cortona and its surroundings. On their return to the beautiful setting of Relais Il Falconiere, they will be accompanied by Silvia and Riccardo Baracchi together with the Executive Chef Richard Titi in the exclusive gourmet experiences, specially designed for the occasion: from the tasting of Baracchi’s wines with lots of saber – to multi-sensory cocktails, from live creations of dishes to visits to the wonderful estate of the Relais.

A journey through the heart of Tuscany between the vineyards, the historic cellar and the champagneria to conclude with the fascinating art of falconry to get a close-up view of the noble bird of prey that watches over the estate.

cortona eventi_relais il falconiere

Read more for all the details of the event:


Chef Silvia Baracchi returns to Dinner in the Sky

Chef Silvia Baracchi returns to Dinner in the Sky

New emotions, unique views and starred chefs are the ingredients of the success in the extreme culinary: it is Dinner in the Sky, the formula of floating dinners at a height of 50 meters, born in 2006 in Belgium from an idea of Uldis Kalnins, Estonian businessman.

Dinner in The Sky: from 11 to 14 June in Vienna with Silvia Baracchi

Now among the “veteran” starred chefs of “Dinner in the Sky”, after participating in four other editions in Riga, Brussels and Helsinki, Silvia Baracchi is back in 2018 among the protagonists of this incredible event: appointment in Vienna from June 11th to June 14th.

Together with her, our emerging chef of Bottega Baracchi Mirco Carboni will rise to the suspended kitchen. Our two stars will shine, both at lunch and dinner, to the sky of Vienna with a menu full of flavors, traditions and gourmet taste:

– Scallops with onion and sepia sauce, flavored with coffee
– Pasta shells stuffed with aubergines and mozzarella, served with tomato sauce, basil and Parmigiano foam
– Beef fillet cooked at low temperature, with potatoes, peas and aromatic herbs
– Mascarpone millefeuille with cocoa crumble

Dinner in the Sky - Silvia Baracchi
Dinner in the Sky - Silvia Baracchi

The formula of success: Dinner in the Sky, the format

Now as a affirmed event for food and wine lovers, Dinner in the Sky was actually almost born accidentally. In May 2006, Hakuna Matata, a communications agency specialized in gourmet pleasures together with The Fun Group, a company specialized in installations for amusement parks, gave birth to one of the most surreal birthday parties ever: a real dining table flying in the sky. From that moment it began to conquer the globe. Now operating in more than 45 countries around the world including Europe, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Canada and China.

More than 5000 events, from Paris to Bogota, from Sydney to Cape Town, from Dubai to Sao Paulo. For example, a dinner in Monaco for Prince Albert, a poker tournament during the Spanish Grand Prix of Spain, an Internet Café for Nokia in Las Vegas: all literally hanging in the skies.
There are starred chefs of gastronomy behind the kitchen: Pierre Gagnaire, Marc Veyrat, Heston Blumenthal, Anton Mosimann, Dani Garcia, Paco Roncero, Alain Passard and Yannick Alleno who have made their wonderful creations flying over the most significant places of the planet, such as the Copacabana beach, the hills of Villa Borghese or the shores of St. Lawrence.

For the past twelve years the format has always been the same: the guests take a seat on the suspended platform (harnessed with bungee jumping equipment) around the 22-seat table that is surrounded by the central area where the chefs cook.

The sky has no limits!

Check out the details of the event with Silvia Baracchi:

Spa treatments: Vinotherapy in Tuscany

Spa treatments: Vinotherapy in Tuscany

Vinotherapy: what is it?

Vinotherapy is a treatment that exploits the benefits and properties of specific substances contained in grapes.

Detoxifying, antioxidant, tonic and aesthetic bioactivator: these are just some of the benefits of wine that have spread its use as an ingredient of beauty.


Vinotherapy: its origins

The origin of the wine-based treatments has its roots in very distant times: it seems that already Cleopatra and Lucrezia Borgia, although not knowing the polyphenols and their antioxidant properties, kept these secrets of beauty.

Vinotherapy, as an aesthetic treatment, was born in France, particularly in the Bordeaux area, where it has never happened in Europe.

It was the meeting between Mathilde Cathiard, daughter of the owners of the Chateaux Haut-Lafitte vineyards, and the professor Joseph Vercauteren, researcher specialized in the study of polyphenols, a challenge to the first line of cosmetic products that make the antioxidant and anti-aging properties of Grapes.


Vinotherapy: the benefits

If the grape is famous for its antioxidant capacity – thanks to the high content of polyphenols – it is equally true that the beneficial effects of wine are not limited to the fight against time.

The vine, together with the grapes, is in fact used in the treatment of skin blemishes, for the improvement of blood microcirculation, for the fight against cholesterol, for liver and intestinal purification and much more.

Specifically, the seeds of the grapes are rich in calcium, phosphorus, polyphenols and flavonoids, thus developing a moisturizing, smoothing and antioxidant jacket.


Vinotherapy at Relais il Falconiere: wellness treatments with Tuscan wines

The active ingredients of grapes therefore inspire treatments with revitalizing and antioxidant effects on the skin.

The precious grapes that give life to the precious Baracchi wines, are an extra treasure and are transformed into Tuscan wine.

The treatments of Relais il Falconiere in different recipes: from delicate peeling to pomace to regenerating, wrapped in the warm scent of wine, to improve the cutaneous microcirculation and revitalize the tissues, up to the DiVino bath DiVino a base of red wine extracts, for stimulate circulation and smooth the skin like silk.

All savoring a glass of Baracchi red wine.

Vinotherapy in Tuscany - Relais Il Falconiere
Get married in Tuscany

Get married in Tuscany

An unforgettable atmosphere for your most beautiful day: choose the elegance and the magic of Relais il Falconiere for your wedding in Tuscany!

Getting married in Tuscany: a daydream

The beauty of the landscape, the richness of the historical-artistic heritage, the long food and wine tradition and some of the most exclusive and romantic contexts in the world: that’s why getting married in Tuscany.

A welcome drink on a terrace overlooking the Val di Chiana, exchange the promises between the rows of a vineyard, cut the wedding cake under the arch of an ancient residence: all this is possible at Relais il Falconiere, transforming your wedding in a daydream!


Your wedding in Tuscany at Relais il Falconiere: in short

Why choose Relais Il Falconiere for your wedding in Tuscany?

  • – The unique and romantic setting of an ancient Tuscan family Home is combined with a dreamlike atmosphere making “Il Falconiere” the perfect location for intimate and exclusive weddings .
    The rooms reflect the elegant simplicity of the most authentic Tuscany.
  • – The Michelin-starred restaurant offers a real feast for the senses, with personalized menus, where ingredients, flavors and mise en place, create a perfect “marriage” with the Tuscan tradition.
    The wines of the Baracchi Winery will enhance the flavors of our menus.
  • – The Thesan Etruscan Spa offers intimacy, relaxation and well-being, with luxurious and exclusive treatments and rituals.
Get married in Tuscany

Your wedding in Tuscany at Relais il Falconiere: unique sets for every style of ceremony

The religious ceremony

The church of San Girolamo, inside the estate, was built in 1650: the façade is in typical Baroque style, while in the frescoes it is possible to notice the influence of the famous Cortona artistic school.

The church, still consecrated today, is an intimate setting for the religious rite of marriage and the renewal of vows , also offering itself as the ideal setting for a country-chic ceremony ceremony outside, in the garden, enjoying breathtaking views of the
Tuscan countryside.


Exclusive use of the Relais

Only for you and your guests a Relais in the heart of Tuscany among vineyards, olive groves and breathtaking views: Il Falconiere can be “exclusively yours” for the big day.

Get married in Tuscany
La nostra stella Michelin per il tuo giorno più bello

Ricavato dall’antica limonaia, il ristorante stellato “Il Falconiere” offers an elegant indoor dining room and a splendid panoramic terrace overlooking Cortona and the surrounding countryside hills.


The starred chef Silvia Baracchi, with her creations. will guide you through an authentic journey to discover the Tuscan food and wine tradition: raw materials exclusively season and high quality, only local products at km 0, will be the basis of every single course, designed and customized for your menu, and enhanced by a wide wine list, among which the fine labels of the Baracchi company stand out.


Special mention for the wedding cake: our pastry chef is a true “designer” able to perfectly combine your tastes with the lines and the theme of marriage, without limits of creativity and imagination.

Get married in Tuscany
Tastings, walks in the vineyards, Thesan Spa: surprise your guests!

Give yourself and give your guests an unforgettable experience: in the days before or after the wedding at Relais il Falconiere you can organize walks and tours to discover our vineyards and our cellar, wine tastings, cooking lessons, moments of well-being and relaxation in our splendid Thesan Spa  to awaken all the senses through the harmony of the environment, the aromas and flavors of Tuscany.


Marriage in the vineyard

Wine wedding: make the day of your wedding unique, spending it in the beautiful setting offered by our vineyards.

The long tables among the rows, the taste of the wine, the smell of the barrels, the genuine atmosphere and the scent of the countryside: an unforgettable day for you and your guests, immersed in the fascinating natural scenery given by our vineyards!

Discover all the details by downloading our 2018 proposal for your Wedding in Tuscany!

Il Falconiere staff will be at your disposal to help you organize the event, taking care of the details and, if necessary, choosing the wedding planner.

Pet Friendly Hotel: Relais “Il Falconiere”, where your little friend will be welcomed as a  king

Pet Friendly Hotel: Relais “Il Falconiere”, where your little friend will be welcomed as a king

Going on vacation without having to leave your four-legged friends at home is the desire of many dog ​​and cat owners. However, it is not always easy to find facilities or pet-friendly hotels, but at Relais il Falconiere, given that everyone must feel pampered, a particular care will be dedicated to 4-legged friends.
Each dog or cat will be welcomed with a friendly “welcome letter” indicating not only the benefits, but also the grooming centers in the area, as well as, in an unfortunate case of necessity, the nearest veterinary centers.
In the room you will find a complete welcome kit and, on request, a starred menu: the chefs will offer special delicacies to earn the sympathy of the little guests. The Spa also offers articles for the hygiene and care of little friends, signed by Officina Profumo Santa Maria Novella, the Santa Sanctorum of essences, to welcome cats with a delicate rose scent and dogs with musk essences.

Outside, among the vineyards and olive groves, plenty of space to run around in complete freedom and together with the owner to discover the most evocative corners of Tuscany.


Pet Friendly Hotel: Relais "Il Falconiere"
Pet friendly vacation: some tips before leaving
  • – At least two weeks before departure it is important that our four-legged friend undergoes a complete check up, so as to be sure that he is able to move without difficulty and that the vaccines are in order, as well as confronting the veterinarian and have all the advice and directions necessary for the trip and stay.
  • – Remember to pack the health card, a carrier if necessary, without forgetting leash, muzzle, brushes and dry shampoo for cleaning even outside the home and, last but not least, the favorite game of your friend!
  • – For any need, if you do not already have one, also buy a complete identification card with your contact details so, whatever happens, you can be contacted immediately.



For any information please contact us: we will be available for any request or clarification.

Pet Friendly Hotel: Relais "Il Falconiere"
Pet Friendly Hotel: Relais "Il Falconiere"
Pet Friendly Hotel: Relais "Il Falconiere"

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