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New emotions, unique views and starred chefs are the ingredients of the success in the extreme culinary: it is Dinner in the Sky, the formula of floating dinners at a height of 50 meters, born in 2006 in Belgium from an idea of Uldis Kalnins, Estonian businessman.

Dinner in The Sky: from 11 to 14 June in Vienna with Silvia Baracchi

Now among the “veteran” starred chefs of “Dinner in the Sky”, after participating in four other editions in Riga, Brussels and Helsinki, Silvia Baracchi is back in 2018 among the protagonists of this incredible event: appointment in Vienna from June 11th to June 14th.

Together with her, our emerging chef of Bottega Baracchi Mirco Carboni will rise to the suspended kitchen. Our two stars will shine, both at lunch and dinner, to the sky of Vienna with a menu full of flavors, traditions and gourmet taste:

– Scallops with onion and sepia sauce, flavored with coffee
– Pasta shells stuffed with aubergines and mozzarella, served with tomato sauce, basil and Parmigiano foam
– Beef fillet cooked at low temperature, with potatoes, peas and aromatic herbs
– Mascarpone millefeuille with cocoa crumble

Dinner in the Sky - Silvia Baracchi
Dinner in the Sky - Silvia Baracchi

The formula of success: Dinner in the Sky, the format

Now as a affirmed event for food and wine lovers, Dinner in the Sky was actually almost born accidentally. In May 2006, Hakuna Matata, a communications agency specialized in gourmet pleasures together with The Fun Group, a company specialized in installations for amusement parks, gave birth to one of the most surreal birthday parties ever: a real dining table flying in the sky. From that moment it began to conquer the globe. Now operating in more than 45 countries around the world including Europe, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Canada and China.

More than 5000 events, from Paris to Bogota, from Sydney to Cape Town, from Dubai to Sao Paulo. For example, a dinner in Monaco for Prince Albert, a poker tournament during the Spanish Grand Prix of Spain, an Internet Café for Nokia in Las Vegas: all literally hanging in the skies.
There are starred chefs of gastronomy behind the kitchen: Pierre Gagnaire, Marc Veyrat, Heston Blumenthal, Anton Mosimann, Dani Garcia, Paco Roncero, Alain Passard and Yannick Alleno who have made their wonderful creations flying over the most significant places of the planet, such as the Copacabana beach, the hills of Villa Borghese or the shores of St. Lawrence.

For the past twelve years the format has always been the same: the guests take a seat on the suspended platform (harnessed with bungee jumping equipment) around the 22-seat table that is surrounded by the central area where the chefs cook.

The sky has no limits!

Check out the details of the event with Silvia Baracchi:

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