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An experience of hunting, friendship and dolce vita lifestyle!
Riccardo Baracchi tells about his history as an hunter and how his passion born and grew since he was a child, thanks to his grandfather. Now he is proposing different amazing programs of hunting, good food and unique wines…welcoming you in our world not as Guest but as part of it!

Celebrate the ancient art of hunting.

“Hunting: either you love it or you hate it. There’s no in between. You can’t convince someone to love it. Hunting is like a woman, either you fall in love right away or you remain indifferent. I have loved hunting since I first started doing it. I think it was written in my genes” Riccardo Baracchi

Riccardo takes you to his favourite woods and places where he is been hunting for decades and is more than happy to take you on board. The challenges you meet are wide-ranging, you will hunt wild boars, pheasants, deers, roes… you name it!

Our aim is to make you feel entertained but also offer the relaxation in the beautiful Tuscan nature which you can not find anywhere else:
the hunting programme is paired with the best food in our Michelin starred restaurant, luxury stay, spa treatments, wine&tours and to make the most of the trip – dont forget to bring your loved ones with you! We have thought for the non hunters too and guarantee the best stay for everyone. Just come along and enjoy the experience!

The below programs could be quoted in our sister hotel Locanda del Molino in Montanare: Once upon a time there was a very old mill… Today it is a charming Country Inn in Cortona in Tuscany with eight romantic rooms overlooking the creek “Esse” with a typical Tuscan restaurant… you private hunting house could be reserved as your exclusive use!
Ask for a quotation to marketing@ilfalconiere.com

A popular American TV show “Under Wild Skies” came to visit us in Tuscany at Ilfalconiere to experience hunting with Riccardo and Benedetto Baracchi. See the video below and have a hint of experiences that are waiting for you!


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