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Estate a Cortona: l'antica tradizione della battitura del grano

An ancient tradition, born in Roman times, the process of cutting and harvesting in the fields of ripe cereals. A practice carried forward for centuries and which still persists today.

With lots of festivals and celebrations included, auspicious rituals for the harvest and to honor the end of the work in the fields.

Discover our offers for your summer in Cortona, in the unique setting of Relais Il Falconiere:

The beating of wheat

In peasant society, at least in the 60s, wheat was a resource for the entire community: life itself was marked by the harvest of those three crops that represented the main sustenance throughout the year, wheat, grapes and olives.

Besides having an economic importance, these moments had above all a socio-cultural value of aggregation.

The harvesting and beating of wheat in particular were among the most significant phases. When they finally gathered a large part of the fruits deriving from the efforts of a whole season spent working the land and contributing lot of effort and sweat.

According to tradition, the work in the fields for the sowing of the wheat began towards the end of October with the plowing, while the actual sowing started in early November with the moon in your favour and never on Friday.

The sowing was done by hand, broadly: the farmer kept a bag of seeds over his shoulder and walking smoothly spread them with a large gesture of the arm.

It was then picked up at the end of June, always by hand with the sickle messoria, which has maintained over the millennia the same form: with one hand was held the hand of wheat stalks and with the sickle cut it to about 20 centimeters from the ground.

With the stalks the sheaves were created, which were then left to dry in the sun, piled up in many heaps in the shape of a “trullo” that would have been transported on the farmyard where the beating began, the expensive operation of separating the precious “beans” from the straw . It was a big job to do: the wheat was beaten by hand using two wooden clubs connected by a hemp rope about 60-70 cm long. The beater holding a club in his hand, rotated the other up, making it fall back violently on the grain placed on the ground in small piles.

At last we went to the conclusion: the wheat was ready to be received in the barns and nothing remained but to celebrate.

Songs and stornelli accompanied wine and food for a banquet on the farmyard smelling of good and cheerful, colorful and lively, just like the faces of those who had finally secured the food for the whole year.

Even in Cortona we celebrate the ancient tradition of wheat beating: we are waiting for you at the Locanda del Molino, on Thursday 2 August, with a dinner of good food, good wine and fun.

Plus, live music with Max Alivernini!


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