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Vinotherapy: what is it?

Vinotherapy is a treatment that exploits the benefits and properties of specific substances contained in grapes.

Detoxifying, antioxidant, tonic and aesthetic bioactivator: these are just some of the benefits of wine that have spread its use as an ingredient of beauty.


Vinotherapy: its origins

The origin of the wine-based treatments has its roots in very distant times: it seems that already Cleopatra and Lucrezia Borgia, although not knowing the polyphenols and their antioxidant properties, kept these secrets of beauty.

Vinotherapy, as an aesthetic treatment, was born in France, particularly in the Bordeaux area, where it has never happened in Europe.

It was the meeting between Mathilde Cathiard, daughter of the owners of the Chateaux Haut-Lafitte vineyards, and the professor Joseph Vercauteren, researcher specialized in the study of polyphenols, a challenge to the first line of cosmetic products that make the antioxidant and anti-aging properties of Grapes.


Vinotherapy: the benefits

If the grape is famous for its antioxidant capacity – thanks to the high content of polyphenols – it is equally true that the beneficial effects of wine are not limited to the fight against time.

The vine, together with the grapes, is in fact used in the treatment of skin blemishes, for the improvement of blood microcirculation, for the fight against cholesterol, for liver and intestinal purification and much more.

Specifically, the seeds of the grapes are rich in calcium, phosphorus, polyphenols and flavonoids, thus developing a moisturizing, smoothing and antioxidant jacket.


Vinotherapy at Relais il Falconiere: wellness treatments with Tuscan wines

The active ingredients of grapes therefore inspire treatments with revitalizing and antioxidant effects on the skin.

The precious grapes that give life to the precious Baracchi wines, are an extra treasure and are transformed into Tuscan wine.

The treatments of Relais il Falconiere in different recipes: from delicate peeling to pomace to regenerating, wrapped in the warm scent of wine, to improve the cutaneous microcirculation and revitalize the tissues, up to the DiVino bath DiVino a base of red wine extracts, for stimulate circulation and smooth the skin like silk.

All savoring a glass of Baracchi red wine.

Vinotherapy in Tuscany - Relais Il Falconiere

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