Born in Perugia and raised in the heart of Cortona, Silvia Regi Baracchi proudly declares herself “Etruscan”.

From a family of restaurateurs she has inherited passion for good food, the sensitivity to the traditions and the art of hospitality, all-the-while with the positive energy of Il Falconiere inspiring her culinary style day by day.

Silvia boasts many culinary experiences with Chefs from around the world that have allowed her to share the cuisine of Cortona with the world and many years she has worked with the Executive Chef Richard Titi, with which she shares a profound harmony and a constant evolution. Consistency is the concept that embraces her kitchen.

The results are exceptional ingredients COUPLED WITH cooking methods that enhance the flavors of Tuscany and the balance between quality and presentation of the dish: an awareness and understanding that will intrigue the more experienced diner and satisfy lovers of simplicity.