The THESAN SPA, will reawake all of your senses through the harmony of the environment, the flavors and tastes of Tuscany.

Being in touch with nature will become the best way to relax: the colors, the reflections and the sound of water, the aromas and the harmony of the surrounding vineyards will catch your soul. The Etruscan Spa Thesan guides you to discover the true relaxation, with a unique and unrepeatable involving all five senses.

A wellness Trail where the two basic elements – water and heat – are skillfully combined with the active ingredients of natural herbs, salts and essences and perfumed with lights, sounds and colors therapeutic to recreate innovative sensory paradise.  Relaxing times waiting your exclusive rituales.

*Your safety and health has always been our priority, which is why we decided that Thesan Spa will not be available until safe and definitive procedures have been received by the competent authorities.