«Welcome to our world of ...wine!»

Today a real local experience awaits you, the grape harvest: you will join our team, equipped with straw hat, basket and shears, to "select" the most beautiful bunches, to then follow the "deraspatura" and manual sorting in which the most beautiful berries are selected, then in the tank to start the reproduction of yeasts and the alcoholic fermentation that lasts about 7/10 days.

The experience will be enriched by the typical outdoor lunch together with the team: a fire, a grill, the fragrance of Tuscan silly bread and the inevitable glass of red wine.

This experience is perfect also  for a Team Building, and  includes:

  •     Collection materials (hat, basket and shears)
  •     Harvest lunch with drinks included
  •     Support staff for the explanation and presentation of the various phases
  •     A beautiful photo of your experience

For those who want to make this local day richer and more special, we propose the "typical grape stomping party" at the Locanda del Molino, sister hotel of Il Falconiere. In this case, harvesting in the vineyard is proposed in the afternoon .

A themed menu, the legendary traditional dishes of our Simona and lots of fun while barefoot, we alternate inside the vat beating the bunches of grapes in time to music! An experience you will not forget.

Transfers are not included.

Prices on request