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    We have studied and created special beauty & wellness programs to combine with your stay: in collaboration with DERMO28, targeted massages and specific interventions to ensure maximum effectiveness of the treatments, combined with the discreet and unmistakable luxury of a stay at Relais Il Falconiere.


    BODY DERMOPEELING - Body Exfoliation Treatments

    A specific Professional Treatment which, thanks to its balanced content of perfectly spherical microparticles, resistant but non-abrasive, promotes an effective exfoliating action. The synergy between mechanical and chemical exfoliation, thanks to the presence of Fruit Acids, allows for a deep and homogeneous removal of the superficial layer of the skin.


    A Professional Experience ideal to fight body stretch marks and loss of tone in localised areas. Stretch marks, considered subcutaneous strains, are progressively repaired thanks to the effect of Vitamin C, which has a healing and stimulating effect on Collage.


    A Professional Experience ideal to fight body stretch marks and loss of tone in localised areas. Stretch marks, considered subcutaneous strains, are progressively repaired thanks to the effect of Vitamin C, which has a healing and stimulating effect on Collagen. This is also an anti-ageing treatment that can reshape waist and hips, while nourishing your skin in depth and restoring immediate softness, elasticity and tone. The synergy of Fruit Acids improves the quality of your skin by making it more elastic and oxygenated.


    This treatment uses a multivitamin complex that, in synergy with Bearberry, protects and prevents the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Furthermore, it regenerates and revitalises the epidermis, leaving the skin of your hands firm and smooth.


    This Professional Treatment is specific for shaping your body, visibly reduce localised fat areas and cellulite. The increase in fat mass, in addition to the obvious imperfections, causes a progressive alteration of the subcutaneous tissue and the formation of cellulite. The exfoliating action of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids in synergy with stimulating active ingredients, among which the Phosphatidylcholine, an important element that progressively reduces fat cells, improves microcirculation and skin tone.


    This is a complete treatment that in addition to increasing the oxygenation of the tissues, visibly improves the elasticity of the skin and maintains an optimal state of hydration. Thanks to the presence of several Brown Algae, such as Laminaria, Fucus and Kombu, it performs a deep and powerful draining and stimulating action, supplying Vitamins and Mineral Salts essential for maintaining a healthy and firm tissue.


    AQUA - Hydrating treatment, specific for dry skins

    A specific treatment, targeted to keep the correct level of daily hydration to the skin. The synergy of different Fruit Acids promotes cellular turnover and guarantees an optimal penetration of active ingredients. Thanks to Hyaluronic Acid it keeps the correct level of hydration and protects the skin from oxidative stress and inflammations.

    UNICA - Specific treatment for skin ageing and loss of tone

    A treatment that works 360° on skin ageing. The antioxidant power of pure and stabilized Vitamin C combined with AHA/BHA’s ensures brighter and firmer look. Thanks to its nourishing and bio-activating botanical extracts it will reduce signs of ageing providing a perfect hydration. It reduces the appearance of discolorations, giving the skin a brighter and younger look.


    Treatment for uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. Specific treatment for hyperpigmentation, it also provides an antiaging action. It promotes cell renewal, fighting hypercromia and aging. The synergy of natural extracts, such as Licorice and Bearberry, evens skin tone by fighting discolourations. The exfoliating action of Fruit Acids guarantees a gentle exfoliation by removing the cells rich in melanin that lies on the skin surface. It also guarantees an anti-ageing action by stimulating the correct cellular turnover and producing new Collagen fibers.

    COMFORT - Treatments specific for sensitive skins

    A specific treatment for easily dryable skins which suffer of coupe rose. The synergy of the products used provides an intense vasoprotective and anti-inflammatory actions, that stimulates cell functions. Skin will result hydrated, nourished and decongested.


    A highly effective path for a toned and dry body, proposed in the "light stay" formula of 2 days, or "intensive" with 4 days of stay.

    The tone of the skin is closely linked to the correct functionality of the dermal tissue, which is why it is important to maintain good hydration both at a superficial and deep level. In addition, the integrity of the elastic fibers, such as Collagen and Elastin, and a correct supply of nutrients and oxygenating substances, is essential because with the passage of time, or following significant weight loss, the skin gradually tends to lose tone. Treatment rich in Alpha-Hydroxy acids which, in association with functional active ingredients capable of stimulating epidermal renewal and providing hydration, promotes an anti-inflammatory and soothing action thanks to the water-soluble molecules of Panthenol. The innovative mix of active ingredients such as Beech, stimulating on Collagen, Vitamin C, antioxidant, and Essential Fatty Acids, moisturizing and toning, is able to restore firmness and elasticity of the skin.

    For an optimal result, follow the most suitable home care for your skin type.

    2 days

    • 1 Purifying scrub
    • 1 Body toning treatment
    • 1 body reducing treatment
    • 1 Anti-aging face treatment
    • 1 session with the Personal Trainer

    * not included stay

    4 days

    • 1 Purifying scrub
    • 2 Body toning treatment
    • 2 Body reducing treatment
    • 1 Anti-aging face treatment
    • 2 sessions with the Personal Trainer

    * not included stay

    STAY PROGRAMS: Beauty Rejuvenate

    2-day program to combat the signs of aging. An intensive intervention that combines DERMO28 products with manual technical specifications.
    Professional experience rich in active ingredients that stimulate the vital processes of the tissues, the synthesis of collagen and vascularization, giving the treatment moisturizing, nourishing and oxygenating properties.
    Thanks to the synergy of Fruit Acids, the treatment stimulates cell turnover, eliminates excess dead cells and allows the deep penetration of the active ingredients which, reaching the deeper layers, increase the production of Collagen and Elastin fibers, thus maintaining the skin tone and firmness.
    The hydrophilic complex based on Chitosans and Polysaccharides, contrasts the signs of aging, creating a "silk effect" on the skin. The result is immediate relaxation, deeply nourished skin and a younger and more luminous appearance.

    For an optimal result, follow the most suitable home care for your skin type.

    2 days

    • 1 facial cleansing
    • 1 Moisturizing face treatment
    • 1 anti age face treatment
    • 1 anti age hand treatment

    * not included stay


    The products used during your treatments are available from Spa reception for home care. Due to their ornate hand-made presentation, the Santa Maria Novella products as well as Baracchi Olive Oil make ideal gifts & souvenirs with a true Italian heritage.

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