Locanda del Molino

Tuscan Flavors

Sister restaurant

A delightful trattoria in the valley of the Esse river

Locanda del Molino is the sister restaurant of Il Falconiere, just 10 km from the Relais. An ancient mill for crushing olives transformed into a delightful charm inn with typically Tuscan cuisine and 8 romantic rooms.

A unique and original experience for the guests of Il Falconiere

Locanda is the right place to taste the true flavors of simple but richly traditional dishes of Cortona's typical cuisine. Places with an ancient and true atmosphere, where once travelers would stop along their way to rest by the hearth, in a word, places where guests are willingly welcomed because they feel received, where it’s easy to arrive but hard to leave.

Piatto Locanda del molino Il Falconiere
Interni Locanda del molino Il Falconiere