Chef Silvia Baracchi

Tuscan Flavors

Chef and Owner

The good star of Cortona's gastronomic tradition

Silvia juggles hosting duties, the restaurant, and the cooking school. Her creativity is born from a great family passion, promoting Tuscan excellence, flavors, and scents of an authentic land.

“I grew up in the family restaurant and breathed that air that gets inside you and never leaves: a mix of passion and energy you can't do without.”

Silvia Baracchi
Silvia Baracchi al lavoro Il Falconiere
Silvia Baracchi passeggia all'esterno Il Falconiere Toscana

A project of love and passion

Meeting Riccardo Baracchi was the beginning of a shared dream. Together, they believed in a broader project, full of passion and love: transforming the family villa into a place dedicated to the most exclusive hospitality, excellent food, and great wines.

Silvia has worked with the greatest chefs internationally, and with her, Cortona's cuisine has traveled the world. For many years, she has shared a deep harmony and a continually evolving professional journey with her Executive Chef Richard Titi, always focusing on sustainability.

Silvia Baracchi raccoglie basilico all'aperto Toscana
Silvia Baracchi impiatta Il Falconiere
Brigata Silvia Baracchi chef cucina Il Falconiere

The ingredients

The season brings wonderful products perfect for our kitchen, made of typical ingredients and flavors that become the real protagonists of each dish, for a perfect combination of refined compositions and Tuscanness.

Every day, she brings to the table the wonderful zero-kilometer products of her land: the fine Chianina breed, garden vegetables, products from friends and local producers, the aromatic herbs that decorate the gardens, the excellent wines of the Baracchi winery, and the extra virgin olive oil produced on the estate.

Silvia Baracchi nel gazebo Il Falconiere

"Lighting up the emotion. Using exceptional ingredients to create small masterpieces of taste"

Silvia Baracchi

Cooking class under the Tuscan sun with Michelin-starred chef Silvia Baracchi