The Baracchi Family

The relais

Our values

A life of great passions, love, and shared challenges

Silvia and Riccardo Baracchi, a couple strong since high school, have shared a life full of great passions, love, and challenges. Among these, the desire to requalify the family's ancient estate, a small hamlet consisting of the main villa, lemon house, church, farmhouse, and stable.

In the restoration and modernization works, they pursued conservative restoration to maintain the most authentic Tuscan style. Likewise, the guiding values of their activity are found in the desire to offer emotions everywhere, in the restaurant, in hospitality, in the cellar.

Benedetto Baracchi nel vigneto
Silvia Baracchi in cantina
Esterno Villa Baracchi Il Falconiere

Our philosophy

Benedetto, growing up in a context of pure energy, fully engaged and shared in the family project.

"Our actions are based on the desire to ignite the spark that kindles an emotion. A recipe with delicate and persistent flavors, a unique and particular decoration, the landscape that leaves you astonished and breathless, the warm welcome that makes you feel part of the place... all this will lead you to the primal sensation of pleasure."

Sustainability is a core value promoted by Il Falconiere.