Wine tour and tasting



Tastings and food and wine tours, from our vineyards to the Michelin-starred restaurant

Upon arriving at Il Falconiere, it's immediately clear that behind everything is the tradition and great passion of a family born here and deeply rooted in the land. What the Baracchis have always wanted and pursued is the quest for excellence to create a world of gracious hospitality, fine cuisine, and great wines.

From Vine to Wine

Adjacent to the Relais is the Baracchi Winery. Entering the coolness of the cellar, you will be enveloped by the aromas of winemaking and the clear sensation that, even in silence, the work never stops. Benedetto's passion is evident in every tasting, transforming it into a satisfying and purely pleasurable experience.

Vini wine tour cantina Baracchi
Benedetto Bracchi con calice di vino
Wine tour
classic tasting
The ideal tasting to share with friends. A dynamic journey that leads to the discovery of the three symbol labels of Baracchi Winery. Always included are the sabering of our classic method and two red wines, plus a taste of our focaccia with extra virgin olive oil. We also organize personalized wine tastings.
Wine tour & lunch
tasting and lunch
The cellar tour, followed by sabering, tasting & lunch in our Michelin-starred restaurant. Three-course tasting with wine pairing.

Discover the history and production philosophy of the wines. Choose from different levels of tastings to match your knowledge and preferences. Before each tasting, experience a walk through our vineyards, during which we will illustrate the daily work, seasonal rhythms, and how we care for our land. As you decide which tour or tasting to do, let your gaze wander among the vineyards and olive groves surrounding you.

RIchiesta esperienza (ENG)

All our products can be purchased directly at the company. On request, depending on the destination, we ship to private customers.

Enthusiasm has always been, along with passion, the driving force behind this magnificent adventure.

Riccardo Baracchi

The B Wine Club of Baracchi Winery dedicated to all wine lovers.