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    Not just a holiday: we have created exclusive activities for our guests to make the stay more complete and full of emotions.

    From cooking to wine tasting, from e-bike to Ferrarirs, from yoga to art .. in short, an unmissable panorama of proposals that will satisfy everyone's curiosity.

    And for those who crave a truly unique and personalized experience, the

    Treat yourself or give away one of our Experiences!

    All Activities Packages

    In the kitchen with the stars

    Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun

    Wine Tour & Tasting

    Tour of our vineyards, the cellar and the sparkling wine cellar with tasting

      About 1 hour and 30 minutes

    Pirelli CYCL-e around

    A good way to discover our amazing surroundings

      About 2 hours

    Tuscan vineyards

    An inebriating Rituales to enjoy and savor

      About 2 hours

    Yoga & wine

    A world of wine ... not just in the glass

      About 2 hours

    Ritual Eleivas Face Body

    Give an authentic Tuscan IGP Wellness experience

      2 hours and 30 minutes

    Personal training in the vineyards

    Your energy from the Mother Earth

      About 3 hours

    Liquid Gold Experience

    An experience among oil mills and oil tasting

      2 nights

    Health & Wellness

    A vacation dedicated to exercise

      2 nights

    Relax & ArtCraft

    Tuscany and its ancient crafts

      2 nights

    Total Beauty

    A journey of wellness discovery

      2 nights

    Golf Experience

    A luxurious stay for golf lovers, but not only

      3 nights

    Special offers

    Unique moments

    Live Il Falconiere - The offer designed for long stays

    Book 7 nights, 1 is on us!

    FOOD & WINE - 2 nights

    For food and wine lovers only

    Golf & Gastronomy

    An incredible sport and gourmet Experience
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