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    Officina Profumo di Santa Maria Novella - The ancient Florentine pharmaceutical company, founded in 1612, manufactures all natural cosmetics for us and could not fail to be the ideal partner for the philosophy of our Thesan Spa. Combined with the ingredients produced by the Baracchi Farm, wine and IGP oil, they represent the perfect combination of nature and research.

    Thanks to their quality and careful packaging, Officina Profumo di Santa Maria Novella products are ideal souvenirs and gifts, of exquisite Italian workmanship.


    Grapes, its leaves and wine have extraordinary antioxidant properties and can have beneficial effects on the skin, circulation, forms of stress, skin aging. Grapes and wine, must and pips from Riccardo Baracchi's vineyards... obviously the best grapes go into the bottle, but their richness goes further and turns into creams for treatments, or extracts for a relaxing bath in wine.

    DIVINANDO - Antioxidant Bath

    Relaxing and mischievous therapy for couples, a fragrant and intoxicating bath based on red wine extracts, stimulates circulation and smoothes the skin. The Relax savoring from a glass of Baracchi red wine will complete this intoxicating moment.

    NOTES OF VINE - Regenerating Massage

    Sensory and enveloping massage is distinguished by the warm scent of grapes that evokes unique and persistent emotions. The combination of the precious elements contained in this refined oil improves microcirculation and revitalizes the tissues.


    Dalla Vite, an engaging ritual to be savored in two or individually. A delicate peeling with pomace precedes a sensory and enveloping massage, helping to prevent the formation of free radicals. The intoxicating DiVino bath based on red wine extracts will stimulate circulation, leaving you with silky smooth skin. A glass of Baracchi red wine. will complete this intoxicating ritual.


    The use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil was already known in ancient times for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and we want to carry on these ancient traditions with rituals that caress the face and body, giving the skin a younger and brighter appearance. Thanks to the completely natural products of the Officina Profumo Farmaceutica of Santa Maria Novella and... a lot of oil from the Baracchi Company!

    OLIVANDA - nourishing purifying scrub

    Body peeling: sea salt and Tuscan lavender combined with olive oil are used to renew and tone the skin of the body. The salt promotes exfoliation and renewal of the skin, while the infusion of olive oil and lavender helps to nourish and regenerate it in depth.

    ELEIVA - relaxing, toning massage

    Exclusive massage is particularly suitable for dry or dehydrated skin and involves the use of a selected "liquid gold", which will be applied and massaged by expert hands to improve the elasticity of the skin, which will be more toned and compact. It's bright.

    ELEIVAS - rituales nourishing, purifying, anti-aging

    Rituales dedicated to pure olive oil, used initially for a rebalancing and purifying massage thanks to the olive stone scrub powder, which guarantees a completely natural exfoliating effect and restores radiance to the skin of the face and body. A nourishing rehydrating facial treatment restores softness to the skin.


    LAVENDER - purifying

    To renew and nourish the skin of the body, sea salt and Tuscan lavender are used in this treatment combined with Lavender SMN oil. Sea salt promotes skin exfoliation and renewal, while lavender oil helps nourish and regenerate it in depth.

    ROSEMARY - Toning

    The beneficial effects of hot olive oil, combined with the properties of powdered rosemary, help face the day with a feeling of well-being, giving extreme brightness and softness to the body, performing an important toning action.

    IRIS - rebalancing

    Delicate exfoliating treatment, dedicated for sensitive skin. A light brushing prepares you to receive a Toning with Floral Water. Exfoliation with IRIS powder removes impurities, allowing the skin to receive a relaxing massage performed with decongestant and nourishing oils.


    ELISIR - Recommended for all skin types

    A gentle exfoliation and the illuminating mask with the Powder for Whitening the meats from Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, gives the skin a visibly, luminous and hydrated appearance.

    HYDRALIA - Moisturizing face treatment

    Thanks to fresh and natural ingredients such as honey and olive oil, Ritual Idralia is an excellent cure for dehydrated skin, your skin will be deeply nourished, elastic and regenerated.

    NEIGE - Facial treatment for sensitive and delicate skin

    A calming and nourishing treatment based on carefully selected products to reduce irritation and redness of the facial skin and restore natural hydration.

    SALUBRIS - Anti-age facial treatment

    Exclusive and personalized anti-aging rituals, tones and regenerates the skin of the face. The synergy of totally natural serums, rich in vitamins, stimulate the natural cellular activities. The cast mask and the connective tissue massage leave a luminous, rejuvenated and toned face. A nourishing hand massage with ALMOND PASTE will complete this journey between effective scents and natural well-being.

    STAY PROGRAMS - Tuscan Relaxation

    Indulge yourself by indulging in a holiday of pure relaxation by indulging in idle massages and luxurious treatments in programs of 2 or 4 days to combine with a stay at Relais Il Falconiere.

    Natural ingredients are the protagonists of these proposals: grapes, its leaves and wine have extraordinary antioxidant properties and can have beneficial effects on the skin, circulation, forms of stress, skin aging.

    The use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties is perfect for rituals that caress the face and body, giving the skin a younger and brighter appearance.

    2 days

    • 1 Moisturizing face treatment
    • 1 Olivanda massage
    • 1 Lux massage

    * not included stay

    4 days

    • 1 Moisturizing face treatment
    • 2 personalized massages
    • 1 Rituales Tuscan vineyards

    * not included stay

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