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    The use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil was already known in antiquity for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and we want to carry these ancient traditions with rituals that caress the face and body giving the skin a younger and brighter look. Thanks to the completely natural products by «Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella» and … therefore the Baracchi olive oil!

    Olive Oil

    OLIVANDA nourishing purifying body Scrub

    Sun-dried Sea Salt and Tuscan Lavader combine with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to provide this skin softening, nourishing and conditioning body treatment. As the Sea Salt gently removes dry and dead cells, the infused Olive Oil and Lavander help to retain a layer of natural moisture on the skin to protect and prevent dehydration.

    ELEIVA relaxing, firming body massage

    The biological extra virgin olive oil treatment is especially suited for dry or dehydrated skin and uses a selected “liquid gold” that comes from the Tuscan hills, applied and massaged by expert hands to improve the elasticity of skin, which will immediately look more tonic, compact and bright.

    ELEIVAS nourishing purifying anti-age Rituales

    Beginning with a relaxing lavender water ritual, this Treatment combines the natural ‘anti-oxidant’ benefits of our Extra VirginOlive Oil with Mineral Sea Salts for a full body exfoliation to smooth and soften the skin. Local Tuscan Lavender is infused in warmed Olive Oil massage and rich moisturizing face treatment, relaxes the body and mind in a most luxurious and nourishing way.


    The products used during your treatments are available from Spa reception for home care. Due to their ornate hand-made presentation, the Santa Maria Novella products as well as Baracchi Olive Oil make ideal gifts & souvenirs with a true Italian heritage.

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