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    Chef Silvia Baracchi

    Born in Perugia and raised in the heart of Cortona, Silvia Regi Baracchi proudly declares herself “Etruscan”.

    From a family of restaurateurs she has inherited passion for good food, the sensitivity to the traditions and the art of hospitality, all-the-while with the positive energy of Il Falconiere inspiring her culinary style day by day.

    Silvia boasts many culinary experiences with Chefs from around the world that have allowed her to share the cuisine of Cortona with the world and many years she has worked with the Executive Chef Richard Titi, with which she shares a profound harmony and a constant evolution. Consistency is the concept that embraces her kitchen.

    The results are exceptional ingredients coupled with cooking methods that enhance the flavors of Tuscany and the balance between quality and presentation of the dish: an awareness and understanding that will intrigue the more experienced diner and satisfy lovers of simplicity.

    How was the idea of opening a restaurant?
    "Il Falconiere was born out of my great passion for cooking in 1998, at a particular time when there was a great desire for new places, immersed in nature with a kitchen with special characteristics. The fashion of the nouvelle cuisine was already gone, but still there was a great excitement and many new chefs. So, together with my biggest fan - my husband Riccardo - the idea of transforming the ancient limonaia of Villa Baracchi into a new restaurant, lots of ideas and a desire to do and amaze began."

    How much importance has the right collaborators and a valid brigade?
    "Me and Richard, my executive Chef and "work-husband" as I jokingly call it, have been working together for many years, and we realized we were complementary and supportive of each other. In many years of work we have shared a path that has always been uphill, trying to find new paths and stimuli, but in the end our common desire is the satisfaction of our customers."

    If you have to describe the philosophy of your kitchen?
    "Turn on the excitement! use exceptional ingredients to create small masterpieces of taste. Even cooking is fundamental: it must be precise and such as to allow the typical Tuscan aromas, to always come out decisively but with just pleasure. Last, but not least, the presentation: it must entice and intrigue even the most experienced diner, but at the same time satisfy the one who seeks simplicity in the dishes. In the end also to remain faithful to our Toscanità, what we want from our dishes is the "consistency": dishes that give pleasure and continuity, but also portions that give fulfillment in terms of quality, color and quantity."

    How much is it important to work in a land that makes so much?
    "Fundamental! we value what our territory offers us: each season brings wonderful and perfect products for our kitchen. We operate in a valley where the prized Chianina breed was born! We can afford to support sustainable fishing, thanks to our proximity to Lake Trasimeno: this allows us to have very fresh lake fish every day, thus safeguarding marine species that, in some cases, are at risk of extinction. We are really lucky, we can find the best products at zero km or better at Km True as I call it! And let's not forget the extra virgin olive oil and the wines produced by my husband Riccardo's company that is on the property!"

    And today, 2019, year in which he is celebrating the 30th year from the opening, looking back, what see it?
    "If I look back I see an unconscious, a crazy wild woman! Honestly, the place helped me a lot, because Il Falconiere is truly a special place, with great positive energy. I must say that starting in a place like the villa of San Martino and above all your property, it certainly gives you something more. So a bit of the location, a bit of a passion for the kitchen and, let's face it, also a bit of luck, they have made me what they are today and the Falconiere a special place to inspire and take inspiration every day! ... but what an effort!"

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